Help Fight For CBD Access in the State of Washington

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Help Fight For CBD Access in the State of Washington

Want to submit testimony to fight E2SSB 5367? We're here to help. Follow the quick guide below to tell lawmakers why we need to protect affordable access to hemp-derived CBD in Washington State.

1. Head to the House Committee sign-in link and select Appropriations from the Committee dropdown menu.


2. Select 03/31/23 1:30pm from the Meetings dropdown menu.

3. From the list of meetings, select E2SSB 5367 Products containing THC.

4. Select the type of testimony you’d like to contribute.

If you’re able to appear in-person in Olympia Washington, please do so. Otherwise we’d recommend testifying remotely or submitting written testimony. You can find more information about this process on the State legislature site. Written testimony must be submitted by 04/01/23 at 12 p.m.

5. Submit your position and personal information.

(If you’re against E2SSB 5367, select con).

6. Make your statement or prepare your testimony.

If you’re giving testimony remotely or in-person, keep it short and sweet, you’ll likely have 90-seconds or less to speak. If your submitting written testimony, you get between 700-1200 words (5,000 characters total). Make sure to talk about the financial impact that this bill would have on you, as someone who relies on CBD regularly. Taxes on recreational marijuana alone are 37%, not to mention the additional cost that will come with more regulation if this bill passes and CBD is classified as recreational. We want lawmakers to know just how detrimental this would be to everyday folks like you, so the more compelling your argument, the better.

Together we can fight E2SSB 5367 to preserve access to safe, affordable, hemp-derived CBD in Washington State.

Thank you for sharing your voice. If you haven't already, please sign the petition.