Why Are There No Safe Consumption Guidelines For CBD?

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Why Are There No Safe Consumption Guidelines For CBD?

New Jersey is looking to set a precedent for its residents who take CBD. The state unanimously passed a resolution asking Congress to set safe daily consumption guidelines for CBD products.

The resolution is spearheaded by The New Jersey State Senate Health, Human Services, and Senior Citizens Committee. They write that “over 1,500 products that contain cannabidiol have arrived on the market.” However, they want “a clear approach from the FDA to regulate the products and ensure consumer safety.”

They believe that setting safe daily consumption guidelines will “allow individuals to experience the medical benefits of cannabidiol products.” The resolution also argues this will “generate economic activity by encouraging interstate commerce for cannabidiol companies.”

Why Is This Not Established?

There is not a uniform “safe” amount of CBD to take. Optimal serving sizes typically depend on several specific factors.

Product Type: Are you taking a High Potency or Standard Potency product? Tincture or topical? High Potency products will typically require a smaller serving size or less frequent consumption than Standard Potency products. When taking sublingually (underneath the tongue), anecdotal reports suggest that tinctures will act more quickly than other products.

Body Weight: Typically, heavier individuals need more CBD to feel the effects of CBD than a lighter person.

Usage frequency: Regular CBD users may develop a tolerance over time and experience reduced effects from the same serving size.

General tolerance: Some people are simply more sensitive about what goes into their body, while others start with a naturally high tolerance.

What’s The Right Serving Size?

The "correct" serving size you is simply what your personal preference is. New CBD users should start out with a small serving size. You can then increase or decrease the amount as needed.