Standard Potency Discontinuation

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Standard Potency Discontinuation
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We’re phasing out our standard potency selection for our CBD oil tinctures, but we’re still offering the same great flavors and blends you know and trust. What’s different is that now you’re getting a bigger bang for your buck. Here’s a breakdown of our reasons for discontinuing our standard potency tinctures and how you can make the most of your transition into high potency tinctures. 

What is standard potency and why is it being discontinued? 

Our standard potency tinctures were a less potent form of our CBD oil tinctures designed for people new to CBD and wanted to start with a very small serving. The serving size in every bottle was 20mg CBD per dropper. However, after exploring our customer feedback, the majority of people using standard potency weren’t finding their ideal CBD results with the standard potency tinctures. 

The ideal serving size for CBD is different for everyone, and it ranges from 50mg to 1000mg per day. Most people find a good balance between 50mg to 200mg per day. However, many people who are new to CBD also fall into that range. Being new to the idea of CBD, we always suggest that people start with a small serving and work their way up, but many found that the standard potency oil tinctures weren’t getting the job done for them. The full-strength standard potency serving was just too low. 

Most people who don’t experience good results from CBD usually aren’t taking enough or using the right potency. Coupling the newness of exploring CBD with low potency, people were abandoning the idea of CBD altogether and not experiencing the whole-body wellness that our high potency products provide. 

While the 20mg/ml serving sizes found in standard potency were great for some people, we wanted to eliminate the possibility of customers new to CBD not experiencing all of the best wellness-driven results from CBD. That's why we’re dropping our standard potency and offering our high potency tinctures instead. The high potency oil tinctures contain 50mg of CBD per dropper instead of 20, which falls into the ideal serving size for the majority of people. 

Even though standard potency is going away, our high potency oil tinctures are still made in all of the flavors and blends you came to know and love with the standard potency line. You can still find the flavors you loved, like yuzu and blood orange or even flavorless, and you can still find our sleep and CBG blends. The only real difference is that now you’re getting more CBD at a lower cost. 

We understand that there may be some concerns when it comes to adjusting your serving size. If you found that the 20mg serving from our standard potency line was your ideal serving size, it’s easy to get the same amount with our high potency tinctures. Best of all, adjusting your serving stretches your supply, saving you money in the long run by making the switch to high potency. 

How to adjust your serving size from a standard potency to a high potency tincture

standard potency 

If you’re worried about the high potency tinctures being too strong, we recommend taking less. If a 20mg tincture was your ideal serving size, we suggest taking just under ½ of a 50mg high potency tincture dropper. A half dropper would contain 25mg. However, If your ideal serving was even lower and you were taking ½ of a standard potency dropper for around 10mg per serving, we recommend taking just under ¼ of a high potency tincture dropper. ¼ of a dropper would contain about 12.5mg. 

Alternatively, if you tried the standard potency tinctures and found yourself having to take a larger serving size to achieve your desired results, this change is a good thing. The high potency tinctures contain over double the amount of CBD in the same 1mL serving size, opening up a world of opportunity to try a more potent serving, save money, and experience better results with CBD. 

Best of all, all of the droppers on our high potency line are clearly marked for your convenience. It won’t be a guessing game for finding the right potency and serving size when you make the switch from standard potency to high potency oil tinctures. But if you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out. We’re always here to help.