Sticking with your New Year resolution

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Sticking with your New Year resolution

The new year is a time to reset and inspire yourself with new goals. But with the colder weather and shorter days during winter, it can be tempting to fall back into old habits.

Studies show the third Sunday in January, called ‘Quitters Day,’ is when people most often ditch their New Year’s resolutions. At Lazarus Naturals, we encourage you to continue thriving in 2020 by recommitting to your goals and sticking with them. 

Below are seven great ways that you can use CBD to put yourself first and work towards your goals.

Early To Bed, Early To Rise

If you have a lot to accomplish, you’ll need the energy to get it all done. Our Energy Blend 25mg CBD Isolate Capsules contain a boost of caffeine to help you power through your day.

Down Time

Sleep is critical for mental alertness and being at your best to help achieve your goals. Wind down with our Relaxation Blend 25mg CBD Isolate Capsules at the end of a busy day. The capsules contain plenty of all-natural ingredients that help promote relaxation including chamomile and ashwagandha extract.

Hit The Gym

It’s only natural to feel sore in your first few days of working out again. Our Soothing Mint CBD Balm is a perfect post-workout option with the same benefits as our other balms. The calming and clean peppermint fragrance lingers without ever being overwhelming.

Socialize More Often

Whether it’s dinner with family or a coffee catch-up with friends, your CBD products should be convenient and easy to transport. Our THC-Free Sample Pack contains four of our most popular CBD tinctures (Blood Orange, Wintermint, Tropical Breeze, Flavorless) that are suitable for any occasion.

Make Time For Date Night

Between work schedules and family commitments, it can be challenging to set aside time for your own relationships. Make your date night count with our CBD Massage Oil. This relaxing topical contains a healthy serving of CBD at 50mg per teaspoon and has all the benefits you’ve come to expect from a full spectrum hemp extract.

Cook More

If cooking meals is overwhelming after years of eating take-out, you need simple, delicious and versatile ingredients. Our CBD Coconut Oil is made with full spectrum hemp extract and ready to use right from the jar. It’s great for smoothies, spreads, desserts and even as a topical for your skin.

Be More Adventurous

Variety is the spice of life, but it’s easy to get stuck in our routines. Break out of the mold with our CBD Variety Collection. With a massage oil, tincture (Chocolate Mint) and balm (Lavender) you’ll experience the benefits of CBD in different forms and discover your preferred method of use.