The Best CBD Gifts For Everyone In Your Life

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The Best CBD Gifts For Everyone In Your Life

Black Friday is around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend hours waiting in line. Whether you need to shop for a homebody or someone who’s always on the go, our products let you get ahead of your holiday shopping by ordering the best CBD gifts from the comfort of home.

Check out our Sample Pack and product recommendations for the best CBD gifts based on personality types.

The Career Mogul

Our Day & Night Pack offers energy to close the deal and relaxation to do it again the next day. The Energy Blend CBD Isolate Capsules are boosted with L-Theanine and B12 to help power through a long day at the office. When tense meetings pile on stress, our Lavender CBD Balm offers tranquility. After closing up shop for the night, our Relaxation Blend CBD Isolate Capsules are crafted with ingredients that help you do it all again the next day.

The Modern Mom

Our Family Pack means that wellness for the whole family has never been easier. This is a great gift for the person who keeps everything running like clockwork at home. Mix our CBD Coconut Oil into almost any recipe or work around fussy eaters with a serving of the Flavorless CBD Tincture. Even the family pet can enjoy all the benefits of CBD with our Calming CBD Pet Tincture. But these gifts aren’t only about providing for others. Our Cedar Citrus CBD Balm is perfect whenever self-care is needed.

The Social Butterfly

Those who are always on the go seek convenience and ease with their products. Whether it’s a beach day or date night, our THC-Free Sample Pack offers easily transportable tinctures that are suitable for any occasion. The pack contains four of our most popular tinctures (Tropical Breeze, Blood Orange, Wintermint and Flavorless) that are THC-free and flavored with organic extracts and terpenes.

The Athlete

Instead of using pungent sports creams, our topical CBD products are perfect for the gym rat in your life. Our Unscented Balm is great to put on pre-workout. For post-workout, our Soothing Mint Balm and Cedar Citrus Balm are excellent options. When it’s time to ditch the yoga pants for a night out, our Lavender Balm and Portland Rose Balm each offer relaxation and a pleasant, fragrant scent.

The Adventurer

You likely have a friend or loved one who’s read about CBD and is curious to try it. Introduce them to all the benefits of CBD with our Standard Potency Sample Pack. The pack contains three of our most popular products (CBD Lavender Balm, 225mg CBD Standard Potency Tincture and 25mg CBD Capsules) to help them decide which ones are most beneficial to them.

The CBD Enthusiast

Is there someone in your family who always brings up CBD at the dinner table? Frequent CBD users may want to try kicking up their serving size with our High Potency Sample Pack. Whether it’s our CBD Lavender Balm, 50mg CBD Capsules or 750mg CBD High Potency Tincture, they’re guaranteed to discover a new favorite product.

The Handyman

From cleaning gutters to shoveling the driveway and assembling outdoor decorations, limited daylight hours require a huge effort to get it all done before your guests arrive. Reward the handyman in your life for their hard work with our CBD Massage Oil. With 50mg of CBD per tablespoon and plenty of soothing, all-natural ingredients, it’s the perfect end to a big day.

The Baker

Christmas cookies. Gingerbread houses. Pecan pie. The lists of sweets to make for everyone during the holidays can seem endless. The versatility of our CBD Coconut Oil lets you turn on the Christmas carols and effortlessly dive into baking. Mix it in your favorite holiday recipes or apply it to dry or cracked hands after a long day in the kitchen.

The Animal Lover

Holiday shopping can make you feel like you’re buying it all without adding on gifts for a new pet. Our two Pet CBD Tinctures make it simple to buy the best pet CBD gifts for a four-legged friend. Both products contain serving sizes of CBD that are specifically tailored to the needs of animals. Our Calming CBD Pet Tincture is a great for medium and large-sized dogs. For cats, rabbits and smaller breeds of dogs, our Sensitive Pet CBD Tincture offers plenty of benefits.