Up with potency. Down with price.

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Up with potency. Down with price.

If you’ve done much comparison shopping of CBD products, the first thing you notice is the wide and often illogical range of price to potency. You would think that the higher the potency, the higher the price. But that isn’t always the case. In a comparison of leading brands, we found some charging three or four times more for the same amount of CBD potency. We’ve always done things differently because we believe in making CBD accessible to all who need it. 

Our company was founded with a mission to provide high-quality CBD for everyone and we price our products fairly. The CBD industry sets prices according to perceived quality, so, we asked ourselves, why should safe, effective CBD only be available to those who can afford the expensive brands? As our company grew, we initiated more efficient processes to control purity, potency and consistency by doing everything ourselves – from growing organic, Non-GMO, pesticide-free hemp to extracting the CBD oil to testing to formulation to packaging. Now we’re passing those savings on to our customers because it’s the right thing to do.

More CBD For The Buck

We’re increasing potency by 33 percent on Standard Potency Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures to make them more effective and less expensive. For example, the 30 ml tincture now has 33 percent more CBD, increasing from 450 mg to 600 mg. The price went from $25 to $20, making the “price per ml” just $.03. 

We’ve decreased the price on our best-selling High Potency Tinctures by at least 25 percent and CBD capsules by 20-40%. The 120 ml bottle has decreased by 40 percent, bringing the price per mg down to just $.02 per mg. 

CBD consumer advocate and educator Brian Peterson explains that “comparing prices across CBD brands can be confusing even for those who are good at math. But it’s actually easier than you might think. The best way to compare prices is on a “price per milligram of CBD” basis. To calculate the price per milligram for a product, simply divide the total price by the total amount of CBD in milligrams. By comparing prices on the basis of price per milligram, you get a true “apples-to-apples” comparison of value for your money.”

Calculating price per mg

If Price Doesn’t Predict Quality, What Does?

Here are some additional factors to take into consideration when purchasing CBD. 

Look for pure natural ingredients. 

Choose CBD that is free of toxins such as pesticides, herbicides or heavy metals, and unnatural additives. We farm organically-grown, non-GMO, pesticide-free CBD.

Ask for the independent lab test results. 

These are known as a Certificate of Analysis or COA. Reputable companies post these on their websites for any customer to refer to. You can find a COA on our website by visiting the “Test Results” tab on an individual product page and looking for the batch number listed on every bottle of our tinctures.

Choose American-grown hemp. 

Only buy CBD that has been made from hemp grown in the USA. Some companies use hemp from other countries that don’t have the same standards and regulations we do in the USA. Even better, buy from companies that grow their own hemp, like we do at Lazarus Naturals. We own every part of the process, from the farms to the extraction facility to packaging, ensuring that control over safety and quality at every step. 

Look for the Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) certification. 

This means the CBD products were produced in a facility that has been audited by a third-party for adherence to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards. Those standards ensure that the company is not cutting corners and producing safe, consistent, and effective products. Any reputable CBD company will be forthright about whether or not they are certified.

Brian Peterson, founder and managing editor of the CBDOilUsers.com website, notes that “Lazarus Naturals stands out from the crowd because of their high quality products and affordable prices that are the lowest on the market. [They have] been overwhelmingly voted as the CBD Brand of the Year by members of our CBD Oil Users Group on Facebook for the last three years.”

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