What To Use & When To Use

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What To Use & When To Use
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With what seems like limitless options when it comes to varieties of CBD, ways to enjoy it, and purposes for taking it, we thought we would share a few of our customers' favorite ways to integrate it into their daily habits. No matter how you decide to incorporate the benefits of CBD into your routines, one thing is certain—there’s something for everyone.

The Best CBD Products If…

You’re a fitness fanatic…

Whether it’s a half-marathon or an hour-long ashtanga practice, the mind-muscle connection is a vital factor in getting optimal results. Focus keeps you in good form and brings out your best.

So, where does CBD come in? Formulated with naturally effective ingredients like caffeine from green coffee beans, L-theanine, vitamins B12 & B6, rhodiola rosea, and cordyceps mushrooms, CBD offerings for Focus & Energy can help put pep in your step without the jitters. If a balanced boost is what you’re after, and you’re not a fan of the anxious feelings most energy supplements tend to specialize in, CBD combined with functional ingredients is a great place to start.

Then after doing the most in your workout, CBD Muscle Gel is ideal for unwinding and reducing your recovery time with fast-acting, long-lasting relief you can take anywhere.

You’ve got a big date, meeting, or presentation…

Nervous on planes? Big date? Visiting in-laws? Studies show CBD can help significantly reduce anxiety leading up to stressful events. CBD oil tinctures—which go into effect faster than other methods—are clutch. You won’t have to wait too long for its effects to help manage feelings of anxiety.

You like to have a snack before bed…

Sure, there’s dinner—but some of us aren’t completely satisfied until we have a little something extra before bed. Whether you prefer to have dessert or some granola, it’s effortless to add CBD to your snack session by adding some CBD Coconut Oil to your favorite recipes. And if you don’t require much, our Sleep Cannabinoid Gummies are more than a delicious treat—they continue to benefit you even after your head hits the pillow with sleep-enhancing, natural ingredients.

You need help winding down…

There’s nothing quite like a shoulder or foot massage with CBD Body + Massage Oil. It absorbs quickly, is non-greasy, and you don’t have to reapply it as often as you would a balm or lotion.

However, its smooth application is just one of its benefits. When absorbed beneath the skin, CBD can permeate muscle and tissue to help ease any inflammation or tension at a cellular level.

You’ve been tossing and turning in bed….

Our Sleep Collection provides options that are perfect for any nightly routine. Whether you are working out the kinks in your sleep habits, trying to overcome restlessness, or simply want the additional benefits of melatonin in the mix—these specially formulated offerings were crafted to help fall asleep and stay asleep. Our naturally effective blend of full spectrum CBD, CBG, and CBN is further enhanced by soothing, science-backed ingredients like lemon balm and passion flower to maximize benefits.

You’re always on the go…

Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your daily routine! Traveling with CBD can be a cinch, so long as you take a few things into consideration.

Softgels, capsules, and edibles like CBD Fruit Tarts are discreet, airplane and train-safe, and won’t make a mess. Balms and other topicals are also a safe bet!

You’re committed to your daily vitamins…

Like the majority of vitamins and supplements, CBD can be more easily absorbed into the body when ingested with fats (i.e., food)—so it makes sense to have CBD softgels or capsules at the corner of your kitchen counter or wherever you may keep your everyday go-to’s.

For those who don’t like taking pills or capsules, CBD Softgels are easy to swallow, convenient, and effective. Our CBD Gummies also offer familiar, benefit-forward, yet delicious options that don’t require measuring and can help provide around-the-clock support.

You have a sweet tooth…

Edibles like CBD Fruit Tarts are great when you’re looking for a tasty pick-me-up at your desk or on your afternoon walk. Each fruit tart contains 25mg of CBD, so depending on what your ideal serving size is you could take a few at a time or simply enjoy sweet relief throughout your day.

You love lattés, hot cocoa, and blended drinks…

When you want CBD you can sip and savor, adding oil tinctures to your favorite beverages is easy and effective. Flavors like Chocolate Mint, Strawberry Lemonade, and Wintermint help make your CBD routine as satisfying as a visit to your favorite coffee shop.

While this is by no means all of the reasons or scenarios that can be enhanced with CBD, our hope is that it opens your mind to new possibilities for enjoying the versatile benefits of this cannabinoid. At Lazarus Naturals, we constantly strive to craft new innovations to meet a variety of needs and ways of life—and encourage you to explore our full line of safe, naturally effective, and affordable offerings. We’d love to hear the creative ideas that have worked best for you on your wellness journey.