Winter 2019 Press Highlights

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Winter 2019 Press Highlights

From winning highly coveted awards to outstanding reviews and quotes in prominent publications, the people and products of Lazarus Naturals have hit the ground running in our press coverage to start the year. Check out some of our press highlights for February and March.


CBD Hacker put our Blood Orange High Potency CBD Isolate Tincture at No. 1 on their “20 Best CBD Oil Drops For 2019” list. Lazarus Naturals beat out 60 CBD companies nationwide for the honor. 

The tincture received a 100% rating in two categories: transparency and accuracy, and product quality and value. It also received a 97% user experience rating. Lazarus Naturals received a 90% reputation rating and 95% customer service rating.  They also put the tincture at the top of their "Best Value" list due to it having a lower cost of CBD per milligram than all other products they evaluated.

Ministry of Hemp included our Standard Potency CBD Tincture in their list of “Top Online CBD Brands” for 2019. The product was also given a “Great Value” award due to its low price point that they deemed “perfect for our new CBD users” and an A+ rating for our lab results. 

Lazarus Naturals products have previously been named in other Ministry of Hemp lists including “Best CBD Oil Tinctures” and “Best CBD Capsules and Softgels of 2018”.

Blood Orange Season

Our Blood Orange High Potency CBD Isolate Tincture, released in January, continued to receive positive reviews in a wide variety of online publications. Winsight Grocery Business described it as “packing a punch,” while other respected outlets said the tincture was made of the “highest quality.” The flavor was also called out as “pleasant” and “not overpowering.” Our products, including the tincture, were noted for our “strict quality standards and regulations” in all of our products.

Sleep, Manicures And FDA Regulations

Lazarus Naturals employees and products were included in published pieces on a wide range of topics. Dylan Summers, Interim CMO and Director of Government Affairs, was quoted in SmartBrief for an article about murky regulations regarding CBD food and beverages.

Addressing the push from CBD food and beverage purveyors to receive more guidance from the FDA on where and how CBD can be sold, Dylan said that “the FDA has not classified it in any terms...whether its a drug, a dietary supplement or a food. That’s because when you deschedule something, it doesn’t magically get a new classification.”

McCarton Ackerman, Communications Coordinator, wrote a piece for GritDaily on what proposed regulations by the FDA could mean for CBD businesses. McCarton noted that “it is clear that hemp-derived CBD-infused edibles, beverages, and supplements present enormous market potential. There are literally hundreds of options for infused products ready to be developed and marketed as soon as the FDA paves the way for investment and distribution to take place.”

Writer Gabriel Aly penned an article on CBD and sleep for Healthline and mentioned Lazarus Naturals as one of his favorite CBD brands. Lastly, Bustle writer Kara McGrath wrote about using our CBD Lavender Balm as part of a CBD manicure, which has become one of the newest crazes in the trend of CBD beauty products and treatments.