Your Guide To Gifting CBD

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Your Guide To Gifting CBD
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From newbies to foodies, there are many ways to share the magic you experience with CBD with the people and pets you love. Whether it be for a birthday, holiday, or a just-because gift—here are some recommendations for everyone on your list. Just don’t forget to treat yourself, too! Check out some of the best CBD products in our Annual Gift Guide.

Home chefs are beautifully opinionated people—especially when it comes to their kitchen gear. That’s part of the reason why it can be so difficult to find them something they’ll like (and actually use). Odds are, the cook in your life has a particular knife they’re unapologetically attached to. Perhaps they only use a specific brand of salt or cooking oil. You may be wondering what you could get that chef in your life that they don’t already have. Have no fear! If you’re looking for a great gift for those who spend much of their time throwing it down in the kitchen, here are some great places to start.

CBD Coconut Oil ($12)

Coconut oil is one of the most versatile oils in the kitchen and is universally loved for its moderately high smoke point. High in saturated fats, it’s great for health-conscious cooks looking for an ingredient that offers a quick source of energy. CBD Coconut Oil can also potentially aid in better managing stress both in and out of the kitchen.

CBD Chocolate ($15)

Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants and other essential nutrients that may help improve brain function, boost mood, and reduce the risk of heart disease. With the added benefits of CBD, these chocolates are a delectable way for your favorite chefs to integrate CBD (and other good stuff) into their go-to recipes or diet. Our smooth-melting CBD Chocolate is made with high-quality sea salt and vanilla and is fully vegan—making it a perfect way to give sweet relief to any culinary connoisseur.

CBD Skin Repair Cream ($28)

The first step in any delicious dish is clean hands! For the busy cook, hands with dry skin are a daily battle with all the heat and handwashing that takes place during preparation. Give the gift of luxury in the kitchen with a CBD Skin Repair Cream infused with fresh botanicals and functional ingredients to help naturally moisturize and restore hands after hours in the kitchen. CBD can offer many potential benefits to our skin and shows the chef in your life that you care.

Whether the athlete in your life is an at-home workout junkie or a gym rat, chances are they'll benefit from some of these awesome CBD offerings. For those leading active lifestyles, these gifts may help elevate their game with by supporting energy, recovery, and zen—all of which they can use to help feel and (maybe more importantly) perform at their best. On your mark, get set—go!

CBD Muscle Gel ($12)

If the athlete in your life is always pushing themselves to get those gains, they’re going to want a little CBD Muscle Gel on hand to soothe aching muscles and reduce inflammation from pains and strains. Formulated with naturally functional, cooling-warming ingredients like menthol and capsaicin—this is the perfect gift for on-the-go athletes in need of fast-acting, long-lasting relief.

CBD Energy Capsules ($32)

Whether your athlete is up at 4 AM to get their morning run out of the way or they're struggling to find the energy and motivation to do what they love, you can’t go wrong with CBD Energy Capsules. With focused, functional support from CBD, cordyceps mushrooms, vitamin B6, rhodiola rosea, L-theanine, vitamin B12, and caffeine (sourced from green coffee beans) you can give them the gift of balanced, sustained energy—without the crash or jitters.

CBD Fruit Tarts ($18)

CBD Fruit Tarts are an excellent gift for athletes, as they offer a discreet, portable, and mouthwatering way to enjoy the potential benefits of CBD in its purest form. Specially formulated with CBD isolate, they won’t show up on drug tests for any competitive sports players—but can still be used to help with recovery or pre-game jitters. Can’t choose a flavor? We offer a sampler pack that’s perfect for any occasion.

Everyone knows a workhorse. Y’know—someone so dedicated to their ambitions and career that they cancel plans at the last minute to grind late into the night. While their relentless dedication is admirable, the workhorse in your life may need a gift that encourages them to practice self-care to ensure they feel their best as they kick butt and take names at the office, at home, or wherever they're putting their nose to the grindstone. These CBD offerings are crafted to work as hard as they do. They may not change their workhorse ways but could encourage them to ensure they feel and perform their best.

CBD Energy Gummies ($38)

From late nights at the office to early mornings rushing right back, CBD Energy Gummies may be just the thing to help them find the focus, energy, concentration, and motivation they need to follow their ambitions. Formulated with THC-free CBD, caffeine, and energy-boosting ingredients like L-Theanine—these gummies are a perfectly portable option for naturally balanced energy that lasts the whole day.

CBD Balm Stick ($12)

Perfect for text neck, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, or targeted relief for sore feet, lower backs, and shoulders—any workhorse will appreciate the potential benefits of CBD Balm Stick. They’re easy to use, fit discreetly into a bag or desk drawer, and help alleviate the aches and pains that slow may slow them down (allowing them to feel and function at their best). 

Sleep Tincture ($40)

The hard worker in your life is under a lot of pressure, which might keep them up at night. Help them out with a full-spectrum Sleep Tincture that they can easily slip into bedtime tea at the end of a long day for help with unwinding, reducing stress, and soothing anxiety. Being able to get a good night’s rest will leave them feeling refreshed and ready for the days ahead.

The pet parents in your life treat their dog or cat like their children. While it might look like they’ve already got everything under the sun to keep their pets decked out for all their favorite activities there may be one thing missing—CBD! Give your favorite pet parents something that may help their family on four legs to feel and look their best.

CBD Dog Chews ($20)

CBD Dog Chews are specially formulated with nourishing ingredients that support a pet’s overall health and wellness—with three irresistible flavors even the most finicky eaters will love! Younger pets (who tend to get into things they shouldn't) may benefit from Digestive Health Chews featuring pumpkin and wild salmon oil. Pet parents with older pets may appreciate chews with functional ingredients that support a healthy coat and joints. All pets may benefit from our Calming Support chews—especially if they struggle with separation anxiety. Can’t pick? Try all three, so the pet pantry is stocked for the winter adventures ahead!

If you made it this far, you’ve done a lot of research into gifts for those you love in life. But did you ever stop to consider yourself? To anyone reading this, you’re doing a wonderful thing shopping for others, but hey take a look in the mirror –celebrating and honoring yourself is just as important. Relax, unwind, and pamper yourself with these self-care essentials, hand-selected for anyone hoping to feel a bit more balanced, mellow, and upbeat in their day-to-day.

CBD Body + Massage Oil ($70)

Treat yourself to a massage or a hot bath with our CBD Body + Massage Oil. Rich in full-spectrum CBD, sweet almond oil, and jojoba oil, it's the perfect addition to your R&R routine. Use it for stress relief, full-body rejuvenation, taming tension, and nourishing your skin with naturally functional ingredients. 

Relax + Unwind CBD Balm ($42)

Take a deep breath and enjoy this high-potency CBD balm. Specially formulated with soothing ingredients like lavender and chamomile, this balm supports pain relief and a deeply soothing sense of calm. It’s perfect for some you-time at the end of a demanding day.

CBD Softgels ($50)

CBD softgels are an easy and convenient way to incorporate a consistent serving of CBD into any daily routine. With a variety of serving-size options and a functional boost from flaxseed oil and natural terpenes, they're excellent support at each step of your wellness journey.