Employee Spotlight



Employee Spotlight: Meet Myra

With our shipping department processing more customer orders than ever before, it’s essential for us to have strong team members. In her short time at Lazarus Naturals, Myra has proven time and again that she can successfully meet any…

Employee Spotlight: Meet Ryan

If you’ve contacted the customer service line at Lazarus Naturals, chances are you’ve interacted with Ryan.Ryan is our Customer Service Supervisor and leads all of our customer service operations. Whether it’s a question related to…

Employee Spotlight: Meet Simon

Simon has been with Lazarus Naturals for exactly one year, but he’s already left a positive imprint on numerous parts of the business.From helping build greenhouses on our farm in Central Oregon to customer service operations in Seattle,…

Employee Spotlight: Meet Traci

 It’s safe to say that Traci has hit the ground running since arriving at Lazarus Naturals.One week after moving to Portland from Los Angeles, she became our new Supply Chain Manager in December 2018. In industries ranging from…