FDA Announces CBD Food And Beverage Hearing

The Food and Drug Administration is taking its initial step in determining on how to regulate CBD in food and drinks. The administration will hold its first public hearing on May 31 in Washington, D.C. “This is a complicated topic…

The 7 Craziest Foods Made With CBD

You’ve likely seen CBD-infused foods and drinks being sold at a store near you, but some restaurants are going above and beyond with the CBD items on their menu. Below are five of the most unique CBD food and drink items being sold worldwide. However,…

Senators Push Back On FDA Restrictions For CBD Products

 A pair of Oregon Senators are leading the way in efforts to convince the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to loosen restrictions that are keeping keep CBD from being included in food, beverage and dietary supplement products.Senators…

Can Restaurants And Bars Sell CBD-Infused Items?

You may have noticed that some of your favorite local restaurants, coffee shops and bars are now adding CBD-infused food and beverages to their menus. However, some cities and states across the country are now attempting to put a stop to this…