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The Cleveland Clinic reports that roughly 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders. These disorders prevent restful sleep and can cause daytime drowsiness, slowness in activity and depression, among other side effects. But will CBD help with sleep?

A growing body of research actually supports that CBD promotes restful sleep and relaxation, among other positive benefits.

Research Studies

A recent study from The Permanente Journal highlights the result of CBD use in 72 adults with concerns of anxiety and poor sleep. The serving sizes of CBD for each participant ranged from 25 milligrams per day to 175 milligrams per day.

The findings show that “sleep scores improved within the first month in 48 patients (66.7%).” More than 79% of the patients with anxiety concerns also show a decrease in their symptoms. Only three of the 72 study participants could not tolerate the effects of CBD. The researchers conclude that CBD “may hold benefit for anxiety-related disorders such as insomnia.”

An April 2017 study from Current Psychiatry Reports states that CBD “may have therapeutic potential for the treatment of insomnia.” The researchers also write that CBD “may hold promise for REM sleep behavior disorder and excessive daytime sleepiness.”

Scientists from Switzerland did an investigation on the effects of CBD and insomnia by using a digital app with 400 participants. They find that “CBD significantly reduced insomnia symptoms.” Their work is published in the journal Medicines.

Lastly, scientists from Brazil did a first-ever study on CBD and sleep-wake cycles. This includes distinct stages of sleep including deep sleep and REM sleep. Their research shows that CBD had no impact “in the sleep of architecture” of the participants. The findings are in the April 2018 issue of Frontiers In Pharmacology.

However, all of these studies note that more research is needed on the topic.

Lazarus Naturals Products

Our Relaxation Blend CBD Capsules contain ingredients proven to promote restful sleep and relaxation. This is an excellent product for customers who use CBD to help promote relaxation and comfort. Each capsule contains 25 milligrams of CBD.

Talk With Your Doctor

We always recommend consulting with your physician before adding CBD into your daily routine. They can help monitor potential side effects and advise on possible interactions with any medications you are taken.

For more information, visit our CBD Info page.

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