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  1. Rochelle Laurent

    Product Reviewed: Calm + Mobility CBD Dog Treats Full Spectrum 50ct

    My dog was 15 with a really bad hip. Mylan enjoyed these treats to the very end. He was acrually able to get around more and better. Of course, they agreed with his pallet and we're delicious. Highly recommend.

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  2. Freecalkid

    Product Reviewed: Calm + Vitality CBD Dog Treats 50ct

    My dog recently hurt himself. I don't know what he did nor exactly what was hurting. I examined his joints and found him to be stiff and unable to jump up on the couch like he normally did. I started him on what I had - the lavendar bag of CBD Vitality. I gave him two a day (30 lb dog) He immediately took to them and after several days he is doing much better. I really don't know what exactly was wrong, but he will continue
    Read more on his CBD. Again Lazarus Naturals has come through. Thanks so much

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  3. Krystal Perez

    Product Reviewed: Digestion CBD Dog Treats 50ct

    My service dog loves these treats! They work really well for her and they don't upset her stomach like any other treats I give her. I also love that they are health for her.

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  4. Michael

    Product Reviewed: Digestion CBD Dog Treats 50ct

    As good as Lazarus is to me, i have to say.....my dog won't eat these at all...

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    Lazarus Naturals

    EMAILED- see ZD #108213. 8/17 JM
  5. TDugans

    Product Reviewed: Digestion CBD Dog Treats 50ct

    Tried, true and tested; works well on my dogs before storms. High quality product!

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