Lazarus Naturals has made their way to Switzerland with the help of KC Deane. We teamed up with the professional skier, mountain bike athlete and Lazarus Naturals ambassador as the title sponsor for his film Chasing Generations.

Set in the historic mountain town of Engelberg, KC took part in the three-day shoot last September, along with Milo Zanecchia and Greg Jacobs. They spent their time riding throughout Jochpass and Fürenalp, with more than 300 miles of trails combined. KC’s well-known mix of freeride and enduro/trail riding, which has made him one of the world’s most well-known mountain bike athletes, is featured prominently throughout the video.

“It seems every valley we ride into is even more amazing than the last,” said KC to “Engelberg may have some of the best light in the Alps.”

Beautiful drone shots throughout the area are also interspersed with footage of KC’s athletic prowess and clips of him taking in the mountain scenery.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to visit many parts of the Swiss Alps and Engelberg is one of the most authentic alpine experiences I’ve had in this amazing country,” said Zanecchia. “There’s something special about being in the mountains here. The light constantly moves through the valley, creating shifting shadows that transform the landscape.”

KC signed on as the first Lazarus Naturals ambassador in November 2018. CBD supports healthy cartilage and joint function, which is essential for athletes like KC as training and recovery are vital for keeping him in the mountains and performing at the highest level. He finds CBD to be beneficial in reducing jetlag symptoms and loves our balms for muscle fatigue after a long day of filming, allowing him to be fit, energized and ready to perform.

“I’ve been so lucky to work with great companies and people over the years in skiing and biking. Luckily that continues and I’ve been able to become an ambassador for Lazarus Naturals,” said KC. “CBD has become a big part of my being able to manage pain, recover from injuries and get over jet lag without using sleeping pills and melatonin.”

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