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  1. Jan Hammond

    Product Reviewed: Classic CBD Tincture Full Spectrum Standard Potency

    I was wondering wiould CBD oil be OK to combine with other medications. I know I probably need to ask my doctor but was just there yesterday and I'm not due to go back for three months. Any ideas? I have been using another brand of CBD oil

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  2. David Evans

    Product Reviewed: Classic CBD Tincture Full Spectrum Standard Potency

    A "NEWBY" takes the first leap! Ordered late afternoon, 7-18-18, at my doorstep by mid afternoon, 7-25-18, carefully packed with bubble-wrap inside, with full purchase documentation in box.

    Of course, I used it that evening! Starting with about 5 mg. under tongue (senior w/ medical issues, so approaching very carefully), which I did for 3 days. No problems, so am now dosing at about 10-12 mg daily. I constructed
    Read morea detailed chart of my medical issues, for specific follow-up.

    Recommend at least a close study of "The Grapefruit Juice List" to make sure that you can safely use CBD, etc. Also, most of the huge volume of stuff I reviewed re. CBD and folks with Medical Issues recommended a SLOW, CAUTIOUS START

    RESULTS: Subtly better energy already, and cannot wait to see what the next weeks bring!

    Thanks for helping to make this possible, Lazarus Naturals!

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  3. Paige1983

    Product Reviewed: Classic CBD Tincture Full Spectrum Standard Potency

    Obviously this is best used sublingually, my question is, would this be as useful if I were to put it through a g-tube or would it be better to get the capsules and mix it with a little water and use it that way?
    -hopeful mother

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    Lazarus Naturals

    Hi Paige, our CBD tinctures can be processed sublingually or via digestion. Although we generally hear people feel the effects faster sublingually. Our capsules have a similar composition to this CBD tincture, so choose whatever is most convenient for you. For specific advice with the use of a g-tube, you would have to consult a medical professional. ||| Michael Freund - Aug 6, 2018
  4. Adm5681

    Product Reviewed: Classic CBD Tincture Full Spectrum Standard Potency

    This company is absolutely AMAZING. Their CBD oil helps my stress, nerve pain, allergies, stomach and more. If I could give this company 10 starts I would. I recommend trying then, you won't be disappointed.

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  5. Youngmathimus

    Product Reviewed: Classic CBD Tincture Full Spectrum Standard Potency

    I was very skeptical about this product, expecting no results. This stuff mellows me out fast. I would highly recommend this to anyone with stress problems. Great product Lazarus Naturals, You've earned a loyal customer.

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