CBD Topicals

The body benefits from high potency CBD in many ways—including through the skin. Lazarus Naturals is pleased to offer you an array of balms, lotions, and oils effectively formulated with all-natural, functional ingredients that you can feel. Nourish your skin while addressing targeted areas that could use long-lasting relief.

Lazarus Naturals CBD topicals - massage oil, balm, muscle gelLazarus Naturals CBD topicals - massage oil, balm, muscle gel


  1. Full Spectrum CBD Muscle Rub Gel for Pain Relief
    Full Spectrum
    CBD Muscle Gel
    Relief + Recovery
    100 ml (2,000 mg CBD)
    $32 ($0.02 / mg)
  2. Certified USDA Organic badge
    CBD Coconut Oil 7.1 floz 2000mg
    Full Spectrum
    CBD Coconut Oil
    200g (2,000 mg CBD)
    $40 ($0.02 / mg)
  3. Certified USDA Organic badge
     Lazarus Naturals CBD Body + Massage Oil
    Full Spectrum
    CBD Body + Massage Oil
    Fragrance Free
    250 ml (2,000 mg CBD)
    $40 ($0.02 / mg)