CBD Chocolate Effects: What To Expect

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CBD Chocolate Effects: What To Expect
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CBD & Chocolate: The Best of Both Worlds

When it comes to CBD edibles, the modern-day consumer certainly has their fair share of options. From CBD oil tinctures and to nourishing CBD coconut oil, the therapeutic properties of CBD can be harnessed in a number of tasty ways. Arguably one of the most decadent - and effective - is the infusion of Cannabis sativa and Theobroma cacao, commonly known as CBD and chocolate. CBD chocolate is packed with fabulous flavor plus all the wellness benefits both substances have to offer. To gain a deeper understanding of how perfectly they complement each other, let’s take a closer look at the therapeutic properties of CBD chocolate.

CBD & Its Benefits

CBD is gaining steam as a major player in the natural wellness space. It’s believed to be used to alleviate pain, inflammation, and anxiety. It’s also considered by some to be an effective sleep aid and can serve as one of the best relaxation techniques for sleep. The medicinal properties of CBD work in harmony with our own bodies, and produce little by way of side effects, including feelings of intoxication. What’s even better is that it comes in a variety of forms to enjoy, including CBD oil tinctures, edibles and topicals.

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is one of more than 100 chemical compounds, or cannabinoids, found in the hemp plant. While THC is the most prevalent in many cannabis strains, CBD is the dominant cannabinoid of the hemp plant. Ongoing research suggests that CBD works by stimulating the complex network of receptors throughout the body called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is thought to help our bodies maintain homeostasis by regulating vital system functions. The ECS manages processes such as mood, memory, body temperature, appetite, immune responses. 

Once CBD enters your bloodstream, it may signal the ECS to produce its own chemical compounds, called endocannabinoids.¹ Research has identified 2 primary endocannabinoids: 2-arachidonoylglyerol which regulates the circulatory system, and anandamide, also known as the “bliss molecule.”²⁻⁴ A recent study found that elevated levels of anandamide had a positive impact on mood while alleviating anxiety.

cbd chocolate effects

These endocannabinoids begin to circulate and ultimately bind to specific cannabinoid receptors within your body. They fall into two categories: CB1 receptors, found inside the central nervous system, are thought to regulate processes such as appetite, mood, memory, movement, and the pain response. CB2 receptors, which are located in the peripheral nervous system, manage anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive functions.⁷⁻⁸ 

Over the years, CBD has earned its reputation as a plant-based wellness remedy for pain and inflammation, certain forms of epilepsy, anxiety, and sleep disorders like insomnia. Cannabidiol is a natural, non-psychoactive supplement that’s virtually free of the side effects linked to traditional pain meds and prescription sleep aids. Additional benefits of consuming CBD include the improvement of mood-related disorders, heart health, digestion, and certain inflammatory skin conditions, to name a few.   

Dark Chocolate & Its Benefits

In addition to being sweet and flavorful, chocolate can actually enhance your health and well being. Not all chocolate is beneficial, however. Depending on the quality, certain milk chocolate products contain very little nutritional value, and white chocolate contains no chocolate at all. With high levels of cacao (raw chocolate derived from cacao seeds) and flavonoids and lower levels of sugar and fat, dark chocolate, rather than milk chocolate and other chocolate edibles, is considered the healthiest of chocolate of them all.

These days, cacao-rich chocolates are considered to be a superfood, but it’s not the first time cacao’s been recognized for its healthful properties.¹⁰ Cacao was used for thousands of years by ancient Mayan and Aztecs for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Its value was so great that it eventually became a form of currency. Dark Chocolate contains essential vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, and iron. It’s also high in flavonoids, which are antioxidants thought to aid in cancer prevention and remove free radicals and chelating metals from our system.¹¹ In fact, pure chocolate may contain numerous ingredients that can lower cholesterol, improve heart health, enhance mood, cognitive functioning, and may even reduce the risk of stroke.¹²

What to Expect When Consume CBD Chocolate

The combination of CBD and chocolate presents the ultimate entourage effect by blending their unique properties to enhance the medicinal potential of both. Unlike chocolate infused with THC, CBD chocolate will not produce psychoactive effects -  in moderate servings. In addition to providing a tasty alternative to soothe pain and inflammation CBD infused chocolate offers the following benefits:

  • CBD is known to enhance mood, and cacao is thought to increase anandamide levels. Together they can provide the added effect of boosting mood and reversing symptoms of depression.¹³
  • CBD and cacao share similar terpene profiles. But, what are terpenes, you may ask? Terpenes are aromatic compounds that are the taste and the scents of plants and fruits. Emerging data suggest that terpenes are linked to certain health benefits.¹⁴ Although hemp contains more than 200 terpenes, both cacao and CBD contain linalool, myrcene, and ocimene, which is thought to reduce anxiety, promote full-body relaxation, and improve sleep quality.¹⁵⁻¹⁶ 
  • Chocolate contains trace amounts of caffeine, which, when infused with CBD, can help to boost both energy, focus, and overall cognition.

cbd chocolate effects

Packed with healthful benefits, CBD-infused dark chocolate is a delicious way to reap the benefits of its combined medicinal value and boost your overall well-being. Here are two things to keep in mind to ensure optimal results:

  • Be mindful of your dosage level. For newbies, in particular, start with a fraction of the recommended serving size, then wait 45-60 minutes to assess its impact on your physical and mental state. Give yourself time to find the proper serving and achieve your desired effect.
  • Depending on factors such as the potency of serving size, tolerance, and metabolism, the effects of edibles such as CBD chocolate can last up to 6 hours or more!¹⁷ 

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