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What is Lazarus Naturals Rewards?
How do I get started?
Does it cost anything?
How do I earn reward points?
Is there a limit to how many reward points I can earn?
How do I see my reward points?
How do I redeem my reward points?
What do the statuses “approved”, “pending” and “cancelled” mean?
What happens if I make a return?
How do I see when I’ve redeemed my reward points or what the status is?
Do my reward points expire?
How long until I receive my reward points?
How many reward points can I use in one purchase?
Can I combine my reward savings with other promotions or coupons?
How far back do my reward points apply retroactively?
How do I get my discount at checkout?
Can I redeem the reward points for cash?
How can I be removed from the rewards program?
How do I re-enroll in the rewards program?
What if I have other questions about rewards?
What are the terms?