The Best Way to Take CBD

The best way to take CBD is the way that fits your needs best. There are many different methods to take CBD, but as long as you are buying quality CBD products, you can take it in many different forms and still get the same benefits. When deciding on what method is best for you, it mostly comes down to flavor, potency, and simplicity. No matter your preference, Lazarus Naturals has a solution for you. We will walk you through all the best methods of taking CBD (capsules, tinctures, edibles, lotions, and isolates) as well as their pros and cons.

Method #1
CBD Capsules

CBD capsules on a mossy ledge

Benefits: Simple, Standard measurements
Drawbacks: No flavor, You can’t customize dosages

If you like to keep things simple, capsules are your best option. All capsules have pre-measured doses of CBD so you can simply swallow and you are good to go. This is the simplest way to take CBD but lacks the flavor and dosage customizations of some other options.

Method #2
CBD Tinctures

How to take CBD #2 CBD Tinctures

Benefits: Quick, Multiple flavor options, Dosage flexibility
Drawbacks: Can sometimes be hard to measure dosage

Another simple option is CBD-infused tinctures. Put simply, a CBD Tincture is an oil with activated CBD dissolved within it. Tinctures come in both flavored and unflavored varieties. Tinctures are usually taken sublingually. Rather than ingesting the tincture directly, you use a dropper to apply the CBD-infused tincture beneath your tongue where it is absorbed into your bloodstream. For this reason, the same amount of CBD will likely have a stronger effect when taken sublingually rather than ingested. Unlike capsules which are premeasured, tinctures give you the flexibility to vary your dosages fluidly.

Method #3
CBD Edibles & Drinks

How to take CBD #3 CBD coffee

Benefits: Tasty, Lots of options
Drawbacks: Can take more time to prepare

If you are really looking to enjoy your CBD experience, try working it into your diet.We recommend our CBD coconut oil or CBD tinctures if you are looking to make your own CBD edibles and drinks. Common drinks people like to mix CBD into are coffee, tea, and hot cocoa. If you have extra time, feel free to experiment with more complicated recipes. Generally speaking, you can incorporate CBD coconut oil into food by treating it like butter. However, keep in mind that CBD can degrade at temperatures above 320 degrees Fahrenheit (160 degrees Celsius).

Method #4
Topical CBD Lotions

How to Take CBD #4 CBD coconut oiL

Benefits: No ingestion necessary, Good for beginners
Drawbacks: Least potent method

Using CBD lotions offers an alternative for those who may not want to ingest CBD directly. Many people consider CBD lotions as a good starting point compared to other CBD products because it is the least potent intake method. Additionally, hemp products feature a wealth of vitamins that are beneficial to the skin. If you want to try a CBD topical that you can also use to make CBD edibles, you should check out our CBD coconut oil.

Method #5
CBD Isolates

How to Take CBD #5 Cycling Frog isolates

Benefits: Allows you to make your own CBD products, Can be used for dabbing
Drawbacks: Requires time and/or equipment to be properly utilized

CBD isolate is exactly what it sounds like, concentrated CBD extract. Many people use CBD isolate to make their own CBD products at home, such as lotions and tinctures. But if you’re looking for something completely different, you may want to try dabbing CBD isolates. If you are unfamiliar with dabbing, it is the process of instantly vaporizing a substance for inhalation using a “dab rig”. For this purpose, we offer CBD isolates infused with terpenes for extra flavor. However, dab rigs can cost hundreds of dollars so if this is not something you are seriously interested in, you may want to pass.

*Bonus* Method #6
CBD for your Pet

How to Take CBD #6 CBD pet tincture

So we’ve gone over all the ways that you can take CBD, but what about your pets? If you didn’t already know, dogs and cats can also enjoy CBD. We recommend our calming CBD tincture for pets. Tinctures are the best CBD product for animals because you can adjust the dosage to your pet’s unique size and tolerance.

Here is what we recommend for your pets.
Less than 15lbs: 3 drops (1.5mg)
15-30lbs: 6 drops (3mg)
30-60lbs: 10 drops (5mg)
Over 60lbs: 20 drops (10mg)

Any Questions?
Do you have unanswered questions? Let us know! Leave a comment and we will do our best to answer your question and update the blog if necessary.

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26 replies
  1. Pat Schindler says:

    I just received my bottle of the 900mg for my 60 lb dog. I was using CBD for myself and want to help him. I see the serving size is 10 drops-but can he have that twice in a day rather than once?

    • Michael Freund says:

      We give general serving size suggestions for pets, but you are welcome to try more or less CBD as needed. We have yet to receive feedback from a pet having too much CBD.

  2. Steve Zelenak says:

    How about using the Tinctures with CBD Oil for your Body? I would like to mix in the Balm & put on. That seems to help.

    • Michael Freund says:

      Hi Steve, our tinctures can be absorbed topically, sublingually, and via digestion. Mixing the tincture with a balm should be just fine. Of course, it would be best to test with a small amount first to see if it works for you.

    • Michael Freund says:

      Unfortunately, we are not allowed to give specific dosing advice. It always best to consult a medical professional first. If determining serving on your own, we recommend starting with a small serving, waiting an hour or two, and taking more if needed. If you keep track of how many mg of CBD you are taking as well as the results, you should be able to find the optimal amount for you fairly quickly.

  3. Trivas says:

    I recently ordered cbd isolate along with the 3000mg oil. How do I use the isolate? I ordered cbd isolated crystals from a different company in the past to use in my dry vape pen. Is yours the same?

    • Michael Freund says:

      If your previous pen was able to handle solids such as CBD isolate, then it should work for our isolate as well.

  4. Deb says:

    Can any of your products be used as, or disolved in, vape liquid? If so, which product and how would it be utilized for that purpose?
    Thank you!

    • Michael Freund says:

      None of our products are designed for vaping. However, we have heard of customers using our CBD isolate to make their own vape juice. You are welcome to look into recipes for this, however, we cannot make any specific recommendations.

  5. sirkel49 says:

    Is it common to get a headache 4-5 hours after taking CBD? Should one take lower serving size and gradually increase to give the body time to adjust?

    • Michael Freund says:

      Occasionally we hear such things, but I wouldn’t say it is common. I would test out smaller servings and see if that helps. Everyone’s body is different. If the headaches continue, unfortunately, CBD may not be a good fit for you.

    • Michael Freund says:

      All of our tinctures come with a dropper that measures 1 milliliter when full. You should see markings on the dropper as well if you would like to measure less than a milliliter of CBD oil.

  6. Kristi L Acton says:

    I just received my first ever CBD oil, I bought the High Potency sampler pack to be able to try all 3 methods. With the tincture I have heard you should start slow “Micro Dosing” is there a chart or something to guide in this? All help appreciated – TIA

    • Adrian Salvatore says:

      We use organic ingredients whenever possible and operate as a company dedicated to organic practice. That being said, the process for farms to be certified organic can take a number of years. As a young company, we hope to be able to attain that certification in the near future.

  7. Alissa Petillo says:

    Hi Raymond, the balm opens by screwing off the top counter-clockwise. It does close very securely, but we do this to best preserve the quality of the product inside. You could try wearing rubber gloves to help you grip the top of the tin.

    • McCarton Ackerman says:

      All of our products adhere to federal regulations and contain less than 0.3% THC by dry weight.


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