A CBD Edible That Works: Meet Award-Winning Fruit Tarts

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A CBD Edible That Works: Meet Award-Winning Fruit Tarts

We're thrilled to introduce our first edible ever—CBD Fruit Tarts! Enjoy an all-new, effective, and flavorful way to experience the high-potency CBD you know and trust in a delicious CBD hard candy form. Customers have asked us for an edible for years—and we listened! These mouthwatering morsels are vegan, non-GMO, and initially will come in a variety of three flavors: Raspberry Lime, Strawberry Lemon, and Pineapple Orange.

Our Research & Development team spent over a year finessing and testing this product. As a result, every tin is packed with the highest quality CBD isolate, all-natural ingredients, and an unbeatable potency/price per mg. ($0.02 per mg of CBD!) Fruit Tarts are destined to become a delicious addition to your daily CBD routine.

Why Try CBD Fruit Tarts?

They’re Precise

Fruit Tarts ensure a consistent experience. Formulated, regulated, measured, and tested with utmost attention to detail, each tart packs 25mg of CBD each. No mess, no fuss, no vaping, and no measuring—just our easiest-to-take CBD format ever! Everybody wins.

They're Easy

Perfect on-the-go, and made for the journey, Fruit Tarts are portable, effective, and low-profile. (You may as well be popping a mint or vitamin into your mouth!) Taking fruit tarts is so natural, there’s no need to worry about judgmental eyes while traveling, in meetings, or on your favorite trails. Plus—no droppers, batteries, or equipment is needed to take a second for yourself and reach for relief!

They're Tasty

We heard you. Flavor matters! At the end of the day, many are attracted to CBD edibles not only for their form factor, familiarity, and ease of use—but for the flavor. We understand that not everyone's a fan of the more "hempy" flavor of full spectrum CBD—but with three electric flavor combinations, we believe fruit tarts have something to offer everyone's taste.

They’re Potent

For comparison, our tarts are 25mg per serving—whereas the majority of CBD edibles fall into the 5-15mg per serving range. Our tarts are also only $0.02/mg—because effective shouldn't mean expensive.


How Do They Work?

Researchers suspect that our Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is largely responsible for maintaining homeostasis—the body’s ability to maintain conditions that keep it alive.

To get down to it—it's a complex, cell-signaling biological system composed of cannabinoid receptors, internal neurotransmitters (endocannabinoids,) and cannabinoid receptor proteins expressed throughout the central nervous system (CB1) and peripheral nervous system (CB2.) The ECS is active in regulating a range of functions involved in physiological and cognitive processes, and contributes to the homeostasis of the body’s internal environment through the modulation of immune, cardiovascular, and reproductive systems. The ECS is associated with immunity, sleep, mood, learning and memory, appetite and digestion, metabolism, bone and muscle formation, skin and nerve function, and motor controltherefore playing a significant role in holistic health.

Since the initial discoveries by the team in Jerusalem, the known receptors still fall into two categories: CB1 & CB2 receptors. CBD interacts primarily with the CB2 receptors. The effects of this cannabinoid support an overall sense of relaxation and equilibrium. CBD products have been shown to promote more restful sleep, a healthy inflammation response, and to help ease digestive distress, according to consumer feedback.

Like any edible, it may take longer to feel the effects of the CBD compared to tincture due to the form of administration. However, the effect itself should also last longer. We would recommend starting with 50mg of CBD (two fruit tarts) per serving, waiting two hours, and then increasing as needed.

The Best New Thing In CBD Edibles

What more can we say? We can't wait for you to taste (and feel) for yourselves!

Before even officially launching, our fruit tarts won the Buyers Choice Award in the Hemp/CBD Health & Beauty Care category at ECRM. (Not a bad first impression for our first edible ever!) Truth is, while this is a new category for us, we're not at all new to CBD. Since 2014, Lazarus Naturals has been dedicated to providing high-quality CBD that's effective and affordable. We're passionate about innovating products that deliver relief and support to those who need it most. Hard-working and accessible to all—as it should be.

Still need a reason to try? Our 90-day stress-free guarantee ensures if you're not satisfied, we're happy to exchange (or fully refund) your purchase. If you're not happy—we're not happy! That said, when you're ready to trade distress for de-stress, and experience the power of sour, our CBD Fruit Tarts are ready to deliver.