Best States And Cities For CBD Products

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Which states and cities are the best in the country for quality CBD shops? Which U.S. cities have the least expensive CBD? Remedy Review tackled these questions - and more - in a recently published investigative report on the best states and cities for CBD retail shops and CBD products. Remedy Review obtained their data through by analyzing Yelp reviews for the 1,000 most populous U.S. cities (according to the most recent U.S. census). They searched “CBD” for specific cities last September and then used both Python and Yelp’s API to collect the data.  Click here for the full report.

Least Expensive Cities For CBD Products

Eight of the top 10 cities which have the least expensive CBD pricing are in California, including all of the top seven. Colton, Azusa, Rialto, Highland and Vallejo, Calif. are the top 5 cities with the lowest average pricing for CBD. The first four cities listed all have an average price of $10 or less per product. Lazarus Naturals products can be purchased within 20 miles or less of all these locations. Visit our Store Locator to find our products at a location near you. Florida, Virginia and Massachusetts also have cities which made the Remedy Review list for lowest average pricing.

Cities With The Most CBD Shops

California once again dominated Remedy Review's list in this category, filling 16 of the spots and all of the top seven. Paramount, Calif. has the most CBD shops per capita (14), while Hesperia, Calif. has the highest total number of CBD shops (213). Consumers in the top 5 cities with the most CBD shops per capita can find Lazarus Naturals products within a 20-minute drive or less. Visit our Store Locator for exact shop locations.

Best Quality CBD Shops

If you’re looking for high-quality CBD stores, head to Florida. The Sunshine State holds six of the top 10 cities on Remedy Review’s list of locations with the highest average rating for CBD shops. In addition, the top three cities are located in Florida: Pompano Beach, Margate and Oakland Park (all 4.9/5). Rounding out the top five are Conroe, Texas (4.8/5) and Silver Spring, Md. (4.8/5). Florida, California, Virginia, Texas and New York also had cities which were included in the roundup. Lazarus Naturals products can be purchased within 15 miles or less of the top three cities on this list. [/av_textblock]