CBD Oil Benefits For Dogs

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CBD Oil Benefits For Dogs

You may have come across CBD oil products for dogs and wondered what the benefits are for your canine friend. Are the benefits of CBD oil for dogs truly significant or is this just a fad? Is it safe or does CBD oil have side effects that could potentially harm them? The Research and Development team at Lazarus Naturals has worked hard to deliver a CBD Pet Tincture that helps maintain a sense of calm and assists with healthy inflammatory response.

As a pet parent, you want to support your four-legged family in any way you can. Just like CBD oil offers a variety of therapeutic benefits for us humans, specially designed CBD pet products can have similar effects. From encouraging a healthy response to everyday stress to providing a natural way to support mobility and joints, adding a CBD product to your canine's daily routine can offer a variety of benefits to their overall well-being. If you’re interested but still unsure, do not hesitate to talk to your veterinarian about CBD pet treats and tinctures you’re considering to find what may work best for your best friend.

Our customers have shared testimonials of using our CBD Pet Tincture on their dogs and then seeing benefits including an increase in overall comfort and activity.  If you are a pet parent looking to learn more about the CBD oil benefits for dogs, read on!


Similarly to humans, dogs have an endocannabinoid system and can utilize some of the effects of CBD like humans. The endocannabinoid system can affect different areas of the body such as the brain, skin, heart, stomach, and other organs. In the same manner, it can affect mood—with CBD able to target receptors in the brain, central nervous system, organs, and immune cells to help promote a more relaxed state.


Whether you realize it or not, there are a number of CBD oil benefits for dogs. As a pet parent, it is your job to help your dog reap these physical and mental health benefits. One of the most studied aspects of CBD tinctures for dogs is how they can help reduce anxiety. A single serving of CBD could help your pup keep calm in uncertain situations. As of right now, many studies are being done to show the effects of dog CBD oil on a number of different ailments. These conditions include:

  • Glaucoma
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Skin Conditions
  • Seizures

While no solid conclusions can be drawn just yet, there are positive findings that dog CBD products can support the treatment of many conditions.


Our Pet CBD Oil Tincture for joint support, along with our classic Pet CBD Oil Tinctures for calming, each come with a graduated dropper to ensure accurate serving sizes. A CBD oil tincture provides the perfect dosage in each dropper.  It can be taken sublingually or mixed into their food. Each bottle includes serving recommendations based on weight. [We’d recommend starting out with a lower amount, and adjusting as needed. Less than 15lbs: 3 drops (1.5mg), 15-30lbs: 6 drops (3mg), 30-60lbs: 10 drops (5mg), Over 60lbs: 20 drops (10mg)]

If your dog isn’t a fan of the tinctures, we also offer functional CBD Dog Treats that help to create a sense of calm with benefits specially crafted for Digestion, Vitality, and Mobility.


Due to the prior federal classification of hemp as a Schedule I substance, there is a lack of ample research on the benefits of CBD oil for dogs. The American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation has awarded a substantial research grant to Dr. Stephanie McGrath, a neurologist at Colorado State University's James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Her work will be a larger study to test the effects of CBD on 60 epileptic dogs, all of whom have not responded well to conventional treatments. We always recommend doing research to learn more! For more information, visit our About CBD page. 

*FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) DISCLOSURE: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Always check with your vet before starting a new dietary supplement program.