Employee Spotlight: Meet Ryan

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Ryan
If you’ve contacted the customer service line at Lazarus Naturals, chances are you’ve interacted with Ryan. Learn more about him in our latest Employee Spotlight!


Ryan is our Customer Service Supervisor and leads all of our customer service operations. Whether it’s a question related to your order or general information about CBD, he ensures all inquiries are responded to promptly and accurately. Although the amount of Lazarus Naturals customers has increased significantly since Ryan first began working here in December 2017, he has risen to the challenge and continues to remain a vital part of our team.

How did you first hear about Lazarus Naturals?

My first exposure to Lazarus was at the Fremont Sunday Market in Seattle. I often visited my friends who sold in the booth next to Lazarus’ and I learned more about the company through there. When I became motivated to join the industry, there was no question that Lazarus had an honest and determined team, and I was in the frame of mind to get on board. My interest in CBD products stems from the positive impact that CBD and cannabis have had on my partner who has epilepsy.

What are some of your main responsibilities?

My current duties include creating and managing the criteria for our level of customer service and making sure that our operations continue to run smoothly with all the changes happening. I regularly keep up to date with our other departments and determine how we can best serve our customers with the latest information and feedback that we receive.

What made working at Lazarus Naturals an appealing prospect for you?

It was the fact that CBD has drastically benefitted and changed the life of my partner. I wanted to shift the focus of my work life to help share something that could make a big difference in the lives of others. The company focus on accessibility is a core value, so I wanted to further that agenda and ensure that empathy continues to still be at the center of the company.

Are there any stories you’ve received from customers that motivated or inspired you in particular?

We get overwhelming positive feedback from our customers every day about how our products have helped them. Hearing their stories is one of the most rewarding parts of the job. Although we do focus on single impacts, it’s also rewarding to see the sheer number of people that we’re helping. As a dog dad and animal enthusiast, it's particularly rewarding to hear positive stories about animals who have been helped with CBD.

Has your role at Lazarus Naturals changed at all as the number of customers continues to increase?

Absolutely, but in a positive way. We’ve seen an increase in sales, overall correspondence and positive feedback about the company. I think the biggest change since I’ve started is the increase in feedback about our Assistance Program. Ever since we increased our discount from 40% to 60%, we've not stopped hearing from customers how the increased access to CBD has made an impact on their lives.