How we’re helping our community during Covid-19

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How we’re helping our community during Covid-19

Making hand sanitizer and supporting the healthcare and food service community

With hand sanitizer so scarce, we saw an opportunity to help our local and state communities by converting some of our manufacturing space to make an 80% sanitizing spray that naturally kills 99.9% of germs. “Hand Sanitizer is scarce, but that doesn’t mean that the shelf should be empty or that hospitals should be struggling to find it. We have the equipment and we want to do this,” says Justin Amesbury, Director of Research and Development. The hand sanitizer is portable, easy-to-use, formulated without phthalates, parabens, petroleum or SLS and does not contain any CBD. 

Donating 10% of everything we make

Right now, donations of hand sanitizer are already going to twenty homeless shelters and food banks in Portland, Deschutes County, and Seattle. But soon, you’ll be able to purchase hand sanitizer at cost right on our website. We felt it was important to reach these people first. 


We're not out to make a profit

As makers of quality, affordable CBD, we’re so grateful to be able to support our community and help those in need. So, we’re selling hand sanitizer at cost to hospitals, correctional facilities, and customers at the lowest price possible. “We’re not out to make a profit. We just want to make it available, following on our mission of getting things to the people who need it most,” says Justin. This is a time to step up and be of service. We’re grateful to be able to use our manufacturing methods to make something available to so many people in need.

Free CBD for healthcare and food service workers

If ever there were a time to support healthcare and food service workers, now is it. These people are on the front lines in our cities every day and CBD can help them relax, unwind and soothe sore achy muscles from overuse. We asked you to nominate a healthcare worker who could use some extra support during this time and you did a great job. We quickly donated 1,000 CBD Care Packages! We then gave away free care packages for food service workers. To-date, the company has delivered over 2,000 care packages through these efforts and plans to provide 6,000 more to other front-line workers in the coming weeks.