Lazarus Naturals Helps Aspiring Frontline Workers

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Lazarus Naturals Helps Aspiring Frontline Workers

As the “Made to Work. Made for All.” CBD brand, our values around fairness, accessibility, and empowering people to be their best selves extend beyond products. We strive to use the power of our brand to support charities and foundations with a mutual mission of helping those in need. In honor of the Labor Day holiday next weekend, Lazarus Naturals is celebrating by giving back!

On August 28th and 29th, 10% of all sales will go toward the Portland-grown non-profit Next Level—offering a network of support while providing scholarships for future firefighters, nurses, elder care workers, and EMTs in the area. Next Level is dedicated to transformative educational reform, providing empowering resources to the health care professionals of tomorrow. They are redefining education by awarding scholarships, creating support networks for graduates, and by advocating for long-term change concerning the financial burdens that come with an education.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to collaborate with you in supporting our frontline workers! What excites me most is that Lazarus Naturals is a company that values its community and donates to causes that empower people.

Whether it's CBD or an education, Next Level also wants everybody to have the opportunity to access what they need—regardless of circumstance. Next Level’s focus is to make education affordable and to provide a lasting positive impact to future scholars who will go into frontline careers. Together we can be the pillars of change in our community!

We provide individuals from a diverse background with the resources and support necessary to move forward with their educational goals. Many of you all have faced this issue—studying for a career in public service while also accruing massive loan debt. We provide our candidates with scholarships and a network of highly diverse professionals to move them up to the Next Level, without the debt burden. That’s our mission. That’s our heart.”

                                                                                                                              — Sandeep Bali, Founder & CEO at Next Level

Frontline work is truly a labor of love that we are proud to support! That's why on August 28th and 29th you can give relief while you get relief, as Lazarus Naturals will donate 10% of all sales to helping all those studying hard to reach the next level—supporting our communities from the frontline.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who participated, we were able to raise $12,680 to help support Next Level in providing scholarships and a supportive network of professionals to students committed to working on the frontline! We cannot thank our community enough for sharing our mission to make it easier for anyone (regardless of circumstance) to have access to what they need most—and for always being willing to rally around a good cause with us.