Lazarus Naturals Receives Remedy Review Seal Of Approval

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Lazarus Naturals Receives Remedy Review Seal Of Approval

Lazarus Naturals has once again been recognized for our commitment to safety and quality. Remedy Review has given our High Potency CBD Tincture their Remedy Review Seal, which they only mark on hemp-derived CBD products that successfully go through their third-party testing for quality and label accuracy.

Lazarus Naturals won the Remedy Review Seal after successfully passing their third-party testing. The testing assesses several key checkpoints including microbiological and pathogenic bacterial contaminants, terpene profile, heavy metal and pesticide presence, residual solvents and mycotoxin testing. In addition, Remedy Review also evaluates 12 other comparison factors including value, flavor and transparency.

Our High Potency CBD Tincture successfully passed all of their checkpoints for quality and label accuracy, as well as the criteria for their comparison factors. Several of our other products are also currently going through their evaluation process to receive the Remedy Review Seal. Once the testing for these products is completed, the page will be updated to include all other Lazarus Naturals products that have the Remedy Review Seal.

Our Testing Process

All final batches of Lazarus Naturals products are tested for the following:

• Potency
• Microbial/Mycotoxin Content
• Heavy Metals
• Pesticides
• Residual Solvents

With respect to limits for pesticides and heavy metals, and in an effort to ensure the utmost safety when using our products, we currently observe the recommendations laid out in the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia Cannabis Monograph in lieu of the lack of formal mandates from the EPA, USDA, or similarly positioned regulatory body.

Check out our blog that explains our testing process the importance of why we test for pesticides and heavy metals.