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  1. Chels

    Product Reviewed: CBD Energy Capsules 25mg 10ct

    These did way more than I thought they would! I got these at a local shop nearby when I was searching for yet another option to try & alleviate some recent neck & back pain. I only take one at a time &, in combo with the "Relaxation" capsules (or the night-time version), these helped me get through the day, for sure.

    They've got caffeine in them which I love because it pairs perfectly with how lethargic & preoc
    Read morecupied chronic pain can make you feel, especially when you're trying to push through & work throughout the day. I don't drink coffee often, so the caffeine worked/ was noticeable for me, in a good way.

    These take the edge off my pain &, before I go out, they give me the confidence to know I probably won't need to take some OTC pain reliever when I'm out & about.

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  2. Kimberly Campise

    Product Reviewed: Energy Blend CBD Capsules THC Free 25mg

    This product is just the right amount of cbd, the caffeine has zero jittery effect, the positive on this product is the combination helps me to just “focus” and get things done. Thank you Lazarus Naturals for making another great product!

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  3. Sarah jean

    Product Reviewed: Energy Blend CBD Capsules THC Free 25mg

    Okay so I've been taking Lazarus naturals tinctures for about 2 years. I antied up from high potency to the RSO pretty quickly because it seems to be more effective for me personally to have high strength via tincture.
    I started taking these capsules about a week and a half or two weeks ago now and they have completely changed the game for me. Like completely I'm not sure if I can say this without it being edited due to FDA r
    Read moreegulations/facts or whatever BUT THIS HAS BEEN MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. I've been doing the tinctures like I said, for a couple years and for some reason thia product has better bioavailability for me.
    I write down the supplements, meds even OTC and amount of sleep and exercise I've been getting in the last 2 weeks once I start to finally feel really good in my life, because in the past I've felt so good that I don't write it down, thinking I will stay okay now no matter what (pink cloud of some sort after chronic pain and mental health struggles

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  4. Becky

    Product Reviewed: Energy Blend CBD Capsules THC Free 25mg

    My husband started taking these in the afternoon to combat daily fatigue and slight anxiety. They have worked wonders for him!!! He will start taking one in the morning as well. Please don't ever discontinue them!! They help him so much! I hope you can offer a bigger bottle as well.

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  5. Elizabeth Wolf

    Product Reviewed: Energy Blend CBD Capsules THC Free 25mg

    I didn't think these would work, but they are an absolute must have. am sensitive to caffeine so I cannot drink coffee, or tea. I sill wanted a way to get that "pick me up" that people get from coffee but could never find anything I could handle. These are awesome! The combination of the CBD and caffeine must be what I needed. I know it seems like they would cancel each other out, but not really. The CBD seems to take th
    Read moree edge off the caffeine making it easier for me to tolerate. I am so glad I ordered them. You wont regret it.

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