Third-party test results are essential when purchasing CBD products to ensure you are getting the potency and purity you deserve. However, unless you’re a chemist, you will likely struggle to read most test results. At Lazarus Naturals, we strive to make buying CBD as safe and as easy as possible. That’s why we have created this handy guide to help you find and read your test results.

The first step in reading your test results is knowing where to find the batch number associated with your product. We print all of our batch numbers on our label usually near the QR code.



Once you find it, go to the product page click on the Test Results tab and find the corresponding test results.

Every batch undergoes numerous different tests to ensure our products meet our stringent standards for quality and safety. To make things easy, we consolidate all of those results into one PDF and then add a custom cover page that summarizes all of the most important test results. You can follow along with the graphics below to help you read and interpret your results.
Interested in learning more about CBD test results? Read More: https://www.lazarusnaturals.com/blog/how-do-i-understand-cbd-test-results
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  1. James Randall says:

    Thank you for putting together this useful information on how to read third-party test results. It’s really nice to know that with Lazarus Naturals the price is very affordable and the quality and potency is what it claims to be! With a lot of other companies you don’t get all of those things with their products.

    I am so thankful that I found this company. Now I can take an effective dose of CBD every time I need it and not go broke doing so!

  2. Kelley Harriss says:

    I would like to say, Lazarus Naturals has the absolute best customer service!! I am so impressed with the emails, the products, the people and the testing. Thank you for all you do

  3. Carl C Culver says:

    One very important reason I started in the beginning ? using Lazarus products, the 3rd party testing and posting the results where everyone can read them, quality, purity, total strength CBD, total amount of THC content, date, ECT
    Is so important to me and so much appreciated or I would of never even tryed the company out to begin with, way , way to many frods out there selling cooking oil, or something and calling it CBD products best on the market ? Thanks Again ?‍♂️

  4. painpain says:

    Hello from QuarantineVille!

    Thank you for this very informative article!
    Reading those test results just flew me back to Baghdad and the water testing I performed to ensure the safety of the end user. All of it, Chain of Custody and the testing procedures.
    Wow! Y’all are very thorough!

    Thank you once again for proving to me that recommending y’all to everyone I encounter in pain is a good idea!

    Have a great day!



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