Featured Artist: Wokeface

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Featured Artist: Wokeface

Following our recent rebrand (backed by our mantra “Made to Work. Made for All.”), we’re excited to highlight our dynamic, diverse, and hard-working Lazarus Naturals community in a brand new way.

When planning our seasonal offerings for the summer of 2021, we discussed weaving in the stories of our customers—and how our CBD works for them. We wanted to showcase these bold flavors with a local artist who not only put us in a “summer state of mind,” but that found relief with our CBD. Seeking out a style that was as one of a kind as these limited time products, some keywords that came up were: vibrant, sunny, and distinct—which are all synonymous with the work of Wokeface!

Wokeface is the project of a local artist in Portland, Oregon— who after twelve years as a freelance graphic designer, decided to take their canvas to the streets. Their artwork is found spreading good vibes like the summer sun with a wide variety of stickers, murals, wheatpastes, and wood installations across the city (and beyond). It was more than their unmistakable style that made them come to mind first, however.

Our brand is rooted in doing what’s best both for our customers and our planet, making effective relief accessible to all—regardless of circumstances. Wokeface also upholds inclusive values, summed up in their goal “to facilitate self-love and a sense of connectedness to fuel a more compassionate and harmonious existence.” In addition to spreading their eye-catching artwork around Rose City, they take every measure possible to respect the planet and reduce environmental impact.

To get you more familiar, Wokeface’s talents take them all over—bringing anything and everything to life with vivid colors and uplifting affirmations. Creative commissions—like pianos, car roofs, storefront murals, pet portraits, and more—as well as opportunities to give back to the community (like turning an attempted break-in at a local business into something positive by painting their boarded-up doors to be auctioned later for a good cause) keep them busy.

Even labors of love aren’t excused from their aches and pains. Working hard day in and day out to deliver for clients, run a shop, and dedicate time to creating the art that makes it all possible, takes its toll. While they may make it look easy, it’s physically and mentally a lot to keep up with—even if rewarding. Wokeface loves our high potency CBD balms for the targeted relief from soreness and tension. It means a lot to know our hard work, to craft CBD that works, enables talent like Wokeface to continue doing what they love. We all benefit, as a result!

When asked why Lazarus Naturals? Most CBD options “aren’t potent enough.” Which is a reminder that expensive doesn’t mean effective. Doing it all, from our farm to your front door, is worth it to be able to consistently craft CBD of the highest quality at the lowest cost possible.

Their signature style is founded on the stuff that makes their inner child happy, things they’d like to see and hear more of, reminders to be kinder to ourselves and others, and by the incoming messages of all those who are grateful to catch their work in the wild during times a simple, positive affirmation was needed most.

Lazarus Naturals is privileged to put the spotlight on (and provide CBD that works to) someone who fervently shares their creativity, imagination, and positive energy through many different avenues. An infectious force for good—with a style everyone can enjoy—we are thrilled to partner with them on our latest summer offerings. Follow Wokeface on Instagram, and their art hub/storefront Higher Self PDX—which, while currently in the works, will double as a platform to support up-and-coming, underprivileged, and underrepresented artists.

Pick up some Wokeface creations of your own—featuring a vast selection of vibrant stickers, original art, prints, apparel, beanies, face masks, jewelry, dishware, calendars and plenty more. They are also open to art commissions, murals, and other collaborations.

Thanks for reading—now treat yourself to relief that lasts as long as the days of summer!