Lazarus Naturals Brand Refresh

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Lazarus Naturals Brand Refresh

Since 2014, Lazarus Naturals has focused on making great product—and doing it the right way. We exist to provide hard-working people safe and natural CBD that works as hard as they do. We work ethically—with sustainable practices and products that are good for you and good for the planet. We work efficiently—using our own farms, facilities, and labs to keep quality high and costs low. We work equitably—making sure that our product is within reach for anyone who needs it. We work to ensure every ingredient works for you—formulating our potencies to be consistent and effective. Because that’s how you make CBD that works. And that’s what everyone deserves.

Our mission of crafting high quality, effective, and affordable CBD for all who need it has always driven our business decisions—demonstrating that even within an unregulated industry, companies with high standards can operate ethically (without putting profits over purpose). We’re setting a new standard for conscientious business practices with our recent certifications, such as USDA Organic, B Corp, cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices), Leaping Bunny and Kosher—in addition to emphasizing non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan offerings. These significant accomplishments add trust and credibility to our brand, as well as build on our leadership in the category.

The past two years we’ve been challenging ourselves to raise the bar—from our farms to our formulations—all to serve one purpose: helping friends, families, and communities live life to its fullest with high potency CBD that’s consistently effective and fairly priced. Through new sustainable farming practices, environmentally-conscious production capabilities, and our functional formulations (leveraging natural, secondary ingredients), we have established a way to deliver customers products that work even harder and are more affordable. We are passionately devoted to doing what’s best for our planet (and for those who share it with us).

Over the years we have been privileged to establish trust with a loyal following, whose life-changing experiences with our products have made them more like our family. It’s fitting that the campaign to reintroduce ourselves—and first impression on those discovering us—is aligned behind the Lazarus Naturals family we wouldn’t be here without. Those seeking CBD solutions that are made to work—and priced for us all—are the cornerstone of our brand and why we do what we do. We’re proud to relaunch with a message that truly delivers our vision, mission, and motivation behind everything we do: “Made to Work. Made for All.”

One of the things we’re excited to share is our newly reimagined packaging. It better represents who we are, thoughtfully curated functional ingredients, our potency advantage, our uncompromising commitment to quality, and all of the hard work that has gone into our latest certifications. Countless hours are behind the bold, vibrant, and fresh direction that we share today—and as a company founded on hard-working people who take pride in all we do, we believe every element of the Lazarus Naturals experience is significant. This eye-catching new direction in packaging helps us stand out from the crowd—and clearly communicates what customers are getting, who they’re getting it from, and how to benefit from it most.

We’ve worked tirelessly to also be able to share higher standards of potency (twice the CBD in balms + massage oil—lotions, soon, as well), new balm formulations (smoother and easier to apply, with functional ingredients you can feel), reformulated capsules (whether the moment calls for Relax or Energy, both have a more functional boost), all-new innovations coming soon (that we cannot wait to share), USDA Certified Organic products (coming soon), and a revamped site—to get you what you need faster and easier—with high potency content crafted to educate, inform, and empower you along your CBD journey. (Lean on our years of experience and knowledge to learn what works for you.)














Naturally, we all need room to grow—so select offerings from our full lineup must say farewell for now (to save space). However, the all-new products on the horizon are even more effective, functional, and unique to the Lazarus Naturals brand. In the meantime, we’ve recommended replacements for you ready to provide the relief you need!

Thanks for catching up, and for trusting us with your needs. (Just find us? Welcome to CBD that works—the new standard for quality!) Above all, thank you to those who share our passion for CBD that’s sustainable, hard-working, and accessible to all—as it should be.