How To Properly Store Your CBD Products

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How To Properly Store Your CBD Products
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It’s only natural that you want your CBD products to last as long as possible. The average shelf life of a CBD product is about one to two years. However, CBD can expire much sooner without proper care.

Here are three tips for properly storing CBD products that will preserve both their quality and potency.

Keep Products Out Of Direct Sunlight

CBD products often lose their potency when exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Keep them inside and away from windows that have sun exposure.

Store Your Products In A Cool Place

CBD loses potency and can go bad if it’s exposed to heat for extended periods of time. Your products should not be left in your car or near household items that produce heat. They should be placed in your pantry, refrigerator or any other cool storage space.

If you are storing CBD products in your fridge, the cold temperature might thicken the oil. If this happens, place the bottle under warm water for a few minutes.

Use Appropriate Containers

Quality CBD products come in air-tight containers that prevent the oil from air exposure. This is because oxygen breaks down natural cannabinoids and can impact the potency of your oil. You should avoid purchasing items in clear containers because the light exposure will degrade the cannabinoid content.

Always make sure the lid or cap of your product is tightly closed after each use.

How Will I Know If My Oil Went Bad?

Just like milk, you’ll know when CBD oil goes bad due to the unpleasant smell. Also look for cloudy or foggy oil as a sign you should throw the product away.

Temperature Exposure During Transit

Occasionally, your products may go through hot environments in transit to your destination. If your products are damaged in the shipping process due to heat, please contact our customer care center and we'll set your order right. As part of our 90-day worry-free policy, we refund any product within 90 days of its delivery date for any reason. Check here for details on product return and getting customer support.