Introducing Lazarus Naturals CBD Chocolate

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Introducing Lazarus Naturals CBD Chocolate

*Unfortunately, the product featured in this page has been retired. Check out some of our other tasty edible options.

We're thrilled to announce our first full spectrum edible—Lazarus Naturals CBD Dark Chocolate!

We partnered with a small-batch chocolatier (Ranger Chocolate) to deliver an artisan treat that is 70% dark chocolate infused with vanilla, naturally formed sea salt, and the full spectrum CBD you know and trust. Our goal was for you to be able to indulge the senses with ethically sourced and affordably priced relief you can savor. Each bar contains 240mg of our high potency CBD for only $15.

CBD Chocolate Breakdown:

  • gluten-free and vegan (so as many as possible can enjoy sweet relief)
  • crafted with (70% dark) organic cacao, organic sugar, cacao butter, sea salt and vanilla
  • each chocolate square contains 20mg of full spectrum, high potency CBD (240mg total)



Our top priority remains consistently providing you with high potency CBD offerings that are effective, sustainable, and made to work. We have collaborated with some of the best in hopes of sharing a rich edible offering that upholds our uncompromising commitment to quality and stands apart.

A Community-Centered Partnership

We’re especially proud to have partnered with Ranger Chocolate—not just because we love to support local as much as possible, but on account of their high-quality ingredients, commitment to sustainability, and dedication to meticulously crafted “bean-to-bar,” artisan cacao. In addition to their commitment to only using ethically sourced ingredients, their business model also has a focus on doing right by customers, the community, and the planet. Values that strongly resonate in the heart of Lazarus Naturalsemphasizing sustainability, accessibility, the well-being of our communities, and the freedom to personal development.

If you’re a fellow Portland resident (or find yourself passing through) be sure to explore Cup & Bar, Ranger’s coffee shop located on the inner eastside at 118 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.

As a finishing touch, and as an homage to our home, we worked with the talented artist Brian Steely (the hand behind our packaging illustrations) to help capture the spirit of the PNW and the iconic St. Johns Bridge here in Portland, OR.


As Delicious As It Is Effective

Chocolate is a particularly fitting pairing for full spectrum hemp extract—as the vitamins and minerals found naturally in cacao beans go hand-in-hand with the wellness benefits of hemp! Like CBD and many hemp-derived cannabinoids, cacao has also been shown to carry antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

While this may be our first ever chocolate offering, it won’t be the last. We’re planning to expand on our selection down the line with smaller squares containing 40mg each of full spectrum CBD. Ultimately, Lazarus Naturals CBD Chocolate was born from our endless pursuit to innovate as many effective, accessible, and delicious ways to enjoy CBD that works as possible. We look forward to you experiencing all-natural relief you can savor!