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Get rewarded while you get relief! You simply need to create an account with us to begin reaping the benefits. (Have one already? Then you're enrolled!)

How it works


Simply create an account and you're enrolled. (Already have one? Sign in!)


Get reward points for purchases, your birthday and more!


Freedom to choose when you want to use. (More points = bigger savings!)

Your Points


Lazarus Naturals Rewards is our way of giving back for trusting us on your journey to wellness. Enjoy CBD that works and earn exclusive discounts—it’s as simple as that!

To reap the benefits all you need to do is create a Lazarus Naturals account. (Already have one? Then you're enrolled—and you have reward points!)

Nope! You're enrolled when you create your Lazarus Naturals account, which is free.

You can earn points a variety of ways: making purchases, connecting with us on social media, sharing your birthday, and more! Discover all the ways under the section Earn Reward Points.

No. You’re welcome to earn as many points as you wish!

Once signed in, you can check on your points above.

Once signed in, you can redeem your reward points above. When you have enough points for the reward you desire, simply hit Get Reward—followed by Redeem. You will then receive a code to use at checkout any time, which will show under Your Rewards until used. (All of your redeemed reward points can be viewed at any time under History.)

Approved: These points can be redeemed on rewards immediately.

Pending: These points need to be verified before you can redeem. (This typically applies to purchases.)

Cancelled: These points will not be added to your account. For example, this may happen if you cancel a purchase. (The reward points will change from pending to cancelled.)

The reward points will be returned to your account.

All redeemed reward points and statuses can be found under History at any time.

They will expire 12 months after your last activity. You will receive a reminder 14 days in advance of expiration.

There is a 14-day waiting period.

800 reward points—which is valued at $40.

Not at this time.

For returning Lazarus Naturals customers, we are providing reward points on any purchases made within one month of launch (9/1/2021).

Once you have redeemed your reward points, a coupon code will be presented. Copy the code and be sure to enter it before you finish checking out.

Reward points can only be redeemed for coupon codes that provide discounts on purchases.

When you place your order, mention to the Customer Service Representative you would like to receive your reward points, and they can apply your points to your account.

When you place your order, mention you would like to redeem your reward points to the Customer Service Representative, and they can remove your points and apply the associated discount.

You can choose to not participate simply by contacting us. You’ll be unenrolled and any reward points will be cancelled.

Please contact us to be re-enrolled. (Note: Reward points will start over from zero.)

Please contact us directly.

Lazarus Naturals Terms of Service and Privacy Policy apply.