Does CBD Oil Expire?

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Some CBD users are more regular than others. If it’s been weeks or months since you used your product, you might wonder if your CBD oil can expire. Just like milk, there are clear ways to tell if your CBD oil is in good condition, about to expire or past its shelf life.

How Long Does CBD Oil Last For?

There isn’t a uniform answer since every CBD product is different. However, CBD products typically last for one to two years before they expire. When this happens, the compound breaks down and becomes less potent over time.

However, many infrequent CBD users will finish their product before this point. A single serving size of our High Potency tinctures offers 50mg of CBD. A small bottle contains 750mg of CBD, or 15 serving sizes. The bottle will be consumed before any compound breakdowns if a serving size is taken every three weeks.

Signs That CBD Oil Has Expired

Similar to many foods, taste and smell can determine if your CBD oil has expired. Bad oil will have significant changes in texture and color from when you purchased it. Look for cloudy or fogged oil as a sign that you should throw the product away. Consuming it in this form is ill-advised and potentially dangerous.

An old-fashioned smell test will also do the trick. If it smells different from when you first purchased it, this is often a sign the product has expired.

Making CBD Oil Last

Store your CBD oil in a cool, dry place like a pantry. Keep the product away from the sun, strong humidity or extreme cold in order to maintain peak potency.

You should also keep the product in its original packaging. This will prevent direct exposure to air or light and keep the cannabinoids from breaking down.